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GHB Power Trucks for the Corgi PCC

Price is $149.95. Add 2% USA S/H, check or MO with order.

International orders add US $10.00 for the first and 2% for additional sets.

The 3 versions; #2000, #2001 and #2002 are the same price.

The three versions: #2000 for AC 3 rail, #2001 for traditional DC 2 rail, and #2002 DC - traction version using common rails and a live overhead wire with trolley pole. All versions include the scale operating trolley pole and PCC style roof hook. The trucks are direct replacements for the Corgi trucks and are very simple to change. Just unscrew the Corgi trucks and screw on the GHB trucks. Both trucks are identical and have 5 pole skew wound armature DC motors. The gear ratio between motor and driven axle is 12:1 and the operational speed varies from a very slow crawl to high speed. The second axle is powered through a spring belt in typical traction style where space is very limited.

They are scale trucks (except the 3-rail version has larger flanges and center pickup) with scale 25" wheel diameter on a 6' wheelbase. The truck style is the PCC Clark B2 with a large hex nut at the wheel center. The magnetic track brake detail is correct. The trucks are pre-blackened except for the wheel treads, which are nickel-plated. The PCC body sits on the trucks at the correct PCC height. They have been operated on 9" radius curves without problem and will probably negotiate sharper curves as well.

Two adhesive backed copper foil strips are supplied to connect front and rear trucks together electrically. One of the copper foil strips has a third wire lead with a small "L" shaped pin which is wedged between the floor and the inside of the body skirt. Scrape a little paint off the inside skirt (not visible in normal orientation) for metal to metal contact, and an electrical path is established up to the trolley pole via the metal body when needed for version #2002. The foil strips have wire leads pre-soldered to the foil, which mate with leads on the trucks.

There are 2 PC boards on a truck and the pin outs are designed to be consistent with DCC standards. The AC version utilizes a bridge rectifier for power delivery to the DC motor. Therefore, the AC version only operates in the forward direction - but the PCC is only a single end trolley, so that's OK. Incidentally, the spring loaded center contactor is mounted slightly off center purposely to cause rotation while in motion for even wear.

The trolley pole is a 2-spring PCC type pole and has an operating trolley wheel and is pre-blackened. A headless 2-56 screw and nut assembly is provided to mount the pole to the roof, after the Corgi plastic pole has been removed. There is absolutely no need to disassemble the car body in any way. An instruction sheet - just useful hints about the order of installation of the parts - is included and has easy to understand diagrams.

The trucks are produced for GHB in China and are made to very exacting CAD / CAM engineering specifications. The conversion of the Corgi PCC to a well-detailed and nicely operating model can be done by just about anyone who knows how to use a screwdriver.

The trucks may be used on non-Corgi O gauge PCC models which have a flat floor.

Contact GHB for details.

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